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The registering of all types and legal structures of businesses can be done at our office. For names (as opposed to numbered) companies, we also provide NUANS searches which can determine if the proposed name can be used. We will incorporate your provincial company.

Trade Name, Sole Proprietorship or Partnerships
At Crowfoot Plates, we can also register your Trade Name, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership right at the registry. Here are some helpful definitions:
Trade Name/Sole Proprietor - An individual or corporation operating a business
Partnership- Two or more people operating a business
Annual Return - This is often confused with the Income Tax Return which is a completely separate form. The annual return is a form that lists the names and addresses of the corporations Directors and Shareholders. This form is mailed by the Alberta Governemnt to be filed at a registry office and contains no financial information.
Income Tax Return - This is often confused with the Annual Return and is a completely separate form. The income tax return is a summary of the corprations annual income and contains no information other than financial.

Director Changes, Address Changes or Amendments: All forms to complete these changes can be filed in our office. Please stop by for the form and we can provide you with any information you may need.
Annual Returns
Annual returns for Not-for Profit Incorporations or Societies must be sent to Corporate Registry in Edmonton, the address is on the back of your Annual Return form.
At Crowfoot Plates, we can process your Alberta Incorporation Revivals. When you come into our office, we will happily provide you with all of the information and the forms that you need.