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Vehicle Registration

Traffic Violations **Note**
Current fines: Overdue Fines MUST be paid prior to registration. Alberta law states that all vehicles being operated or parked on public roads or public property must be registered and insured; off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles are included. Please have your proof of insurance before applying to transfer or renew your license plate(s).

New Vehicle Registration

Please bring the following:

New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS)
2. The Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement. If vehicle has been sold to more than one person, both people must be present at time of registration or a letter of authorizaion from the person who cannot come into our office
3. The Insurance Pink Slip in the same names as on the Bill of Sale or Lease
4. Driver's license(s)

Renewing a Vehicle Registration

1. Current vehicle registration
2. Insurance Pink Slip
3. Driver's license

Registration Costs

(non-commercial) passenger car or truck registration is $93.00 per year. The expiry month of your plate is determined by the first two letters of your last name; the first time you register a vehicle the cost is adjusted relative to the number of months until your expiry month (pro-rated).

Motorcycle and Off-Road Vehicle registration is $54.00 per year. Expiry month calculations are the same as for car registration, above.

Trailer registration is permanent. There is a one-time cost of $163.00.

Antique Car/Truck or Motorcycle registration is permanent. There is a one-time cost of $39.00.

Transfer of plate to another vehicle, replacement of a lost decal, replacement of a lost license plate, etc. -- anything that causes a new registration to be printed -- costs $28.00.

Please note: If you have sold your vehicle and do NOT intend to replace it, you can apply for a refund (pro-rated) of the time left until the license plate expiry date. The bottom line is, for passenger plates, you need six or more months left before expiry to make it worth your while -- due to processing and cancellation fees -- and the refund is mailed out from Edmonton.

Vanity Plates
Vanity Plates can be ordered through our office. The maximum number of characters including spaces for a car is 7, for a motorcycle the maximum number is 5. The cost is $218.25.