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Learner's Permits

You can write your learner's test here with no appointment necessary. Please come in before 3:30pm on Saturday or 7:30pm during the week.

Acceptable ID for writing a learner's license:

1. An original Canadian birth certificate or Canadian passport, or the combination of a passport with immigration documents, Canadian citizenship or permanant resident card - this is a MUST!
2. 2nd piece of Identification - ie. pay stub with a letter of employment (must be from an Alberta based company), income tax assessment. If applicant is under 18 years of age and only has a birth certificate, we can use the parents' ID as the second piece.
3. If the person writing is under the age of 18, a parent must be present at time of writing with their driver's license.

Graduated Licensing

Learners are required to have a Learner's license for at least one year and to be at least 16 years of age before they can take a road test. A Class 5 Graduated Driver's License will be issued once a learner has completed a Basic Road Test. An advanced road test can be taken once a person has 2 years of driving experience and the driver has been suspension free for 12 consecutive months.

Renewing License

Please come in with your Driverís License. If your license has been expired for 6 months or more you will need to come in with Proof of Legal Entitlement to be in Canada. Ex: Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, Valid Permanent Resident Card or Canadian Citizenship. You will also need to provide proof of Alberta Residency which is a utility bill, cable bill, mortgage papers or rental agreement dated within the past 90 days. Renewals must be done in person. Only residents of Alberta are eligible to renew. Anyone 75 years or older is is required to submit a medical completed by their doctor. Medical reports are also required for holders of Class 1, 2 and 4 licenses and for all licenses with a condition code "C".

Out of Province Driver's Licenses, please bring the following:
1. Your out of Province license
2. Proof of Alberta residency - a utility, phone or cable bill; mortgage papers or rental agreement from an official rental agency to prove Alberta residency.
3. Secondary piece of ID such as Original Birth Certificate, Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card or Permanent Resident Card.

If you have moved from outside of Canada, please also bring the following:
1. An official English translation of your driver's license
2. Passport with immigration documents
3. Secondary piece of ID such as an Original Birth Certificate or Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card.