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Lien Searches
Personal Property, or PPSA system, records Liens (including out-of-province)and Encumbrances on all non-real estate type property. For example, liens on automobiles, boats, aircraft, mobile homes. We can provide search of the PPSA system either by serial number or by business or individual name. We can also register or remove liens against same types of property, provided you can produce the appropriate documentation.

At Crowfoot Plates, we conduct Out-of-Province lien searches on a regular basis. Please note that the results of these are not available immediately and usually take 24 to 48 hours. We will notify you as soon as they are ready.

Land Title Searches
For property within Alberta, we can provide a Land Title Search which will show the ownership and any encumbrances against the property. *Please note: By law, registry agents are not able to make changes to the title information such as removing mortgages or liens. This can only be done at the Land Title Office, located at 710 4th Avenue SW. Calgary. You may phone 403-297-6511 in Calgary or 780-427-2742 in Edmonton.

Corporate Searches
We can do searches on an existing Corporation that will provide you with the Corporation addresses and Director/Shareholder information.

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